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Silver prices are tracking Global record these days. The values are rising continuously of metals and especially Silver and Gold are rapidly inclining in terms of value, in investment terms, you have probably already heard about the complementarily between gold and silver. The price of silver tends to be correlated to the price of gold, but not in the same way. In fact, the heavy use of silver in industry makes its pricing much more volatile.

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Doubting your Silver Purity? Check it on your own!

Silver; it is a non-toxic metal that is used by humans in daily life. Silver is used everywhere as we can mention some of the examples: Household- decorations and exhibition at home (disinfectant in nature), Industry- Electrical Application (Silver is best thermal and electrical Conductor), Pharmaceutical- Medicines (As it is antimicrobial), Jewelry- Accessories and jewels (as of its reflectivity and lustre).  This metal is well known since antiquity.

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