Silver; it is a non-toxic metal that is used by humans in daily life. Silver is used everywhere as we can mention some of the examples: Household- decorations and exhibition at home (disinfectant in nature), Industry- Electrical Application (Silver is best thermal and electrical Conductor), Pharmaceutical- Medicines (As it is antimicrobial), Jewelry- Accessories and jewels (as of its reflectivity and lustre).  This metal is well known since antiquity.

As we are very well known to the fact that everything that was considered as pure has now been contaminated and silver is not exempted from the same list. To detect fraudulent silver, you can use the basic experiments to make sure that whatever you had bought is pure. Here are mentioned some tricky tricks you can follow:

    As I had previously mentioned that Silver Hold high thermal conductivity, You can do this easiest experiment, Just get a cube of Ice and keep a silver over it, it should be melted immediately as if you placed something hot on it. If the cube does not melt, silver is not pure.
  • MAGNET TEST For this trick, you need to get a magnet first. Silver holds non-magnetic nature, and as a paramagnetic, it reveals fragile magnetic effects. This feature tells that if the silver is pure, it will never attract a piece of the magnet toward it. If the Magnet is stuck around the silver or even getting attracted to it, then the silver is not pure.

This test is considered to be a definitive detector of purity, hence it is a bit time consuming, For this test you need to get a silver acid test kit, which you can order from any online website or else you can ask for the same kit from your jeweler.

Once you get the kit, you are required to put a drop over the silver product and wait for some time, If the silver changed its color, then it is impure and if the color remains the same, your possession of silver is pure.

Note: While doing an acid test, keep the precautions in mind, which are mentioned in the kit.

Therefore, the above mentioned are some tricks you can go through for testing purity and Impurity of Silver.

Arisha Silver highly recommends that you should always choose the certified silver over any uncertified article. If your stuff is certified, you are sure it is not adulterated at least. Arisha Silver believes in delivering happiness to their precious clientele.

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